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Octofiber - PETG - Vert Translucide (Green) - 1.75 mm - 750 g, Filament, Octofiber

OCTOFIBER - PETG VERT ( Green ) - 1,75mm - 750 gr

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PETG Octofiber 1.75mm Filament

PETG Octofiber Filament is a mixed polyester plastic with high rigiditythe same rigidity as the PLA, while being stronger than the PET. This filamentguarantees a stable product, with precise printed objects accordingly.It is suitable for many applications such as home appliances, toys and decorations. All our PETG filaments comply with the RoHS directive and REACH regulations.


225 ° C
Tray 55 ° C30-60 mm / s


diameter 1.75mmWeight filaments 750gPETG material

The packaging of the coils

In order to remedy the entanglement of the coils during the Octofiber prints to rethink the packaging. They developed additions to the cardboard box.

  • Procedure
    • Step 1: Get additions

      • Print them yourself (only 1.5 m of filament)
        - download the stlRIGHT HERE
        - print them on your favorite printer

    • Step 2: Adjust the additions in the box

      • Remove the reel from the box if you have not done so already
      • Tap the middle additions at the front and back
      • Make sure the orientation is correct
      • Press the tube holder into the small hole
      • Make sure the hole follows the natural filament line and does not force the sharp angles

    • Step 3: Finalize

      • Put the coil back in the box
      • Press the middle brackets firmly onto the spool so that they are securely fastened to the carton and will not disappear.

        Your filament cartridge is now ready to meet your printing needs.

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