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Filament TPU Carbon 1,75 Flexible Palmiga Noir (Black) 250gr PI-ETPU 95A

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Palmiga Filament 1.75mm Printers TPU Carbon Antistatic Flexible - 250gr (Black)

  • 1.75mm Diameter of the filament (0.05mm +/- dimensional Precision)
  • TPU Carbon PI-ETPU 3D Printer Vacuum Filament With Desiccant
  • Recommended extrusion / temperature 220 ° C - 230 ° C
  • Shore: 95A
  • Compatibility: Dagoma, Wanhao, Zortrax (with Z-temp + ZT-HE) and all printers on the market.


The composition of the material eliminates the problems of "stringing / webbing"
The hardness of 95 shore A and the black carbon load allow great printing capabilities
The carbon load is an excellent UV stabilizer so the prints are built to last in very demanding environments
Matte black surface finish has a very exclusive look
The material is very pleasant and dry to the touch
The elongation at break is 250%

Flexible, elastic and electrically conductive TPU filament ideal for 3D printing shoe insoles, sports equipment, swim fins, shock absorbers, tires, treads, bellows, V-belts, synchronous belts (or any other type of transfer ), couplings, eyelets, pens for mobile phone or tablet screens, etc. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) filament is a high-strength hose.

The TPU is also a very popular material in the external cases of the hulls of mobile devices such as mobile phones. heis resistant to oil, grease and abrasions and has many applications.


Carbon black filler is an excellent UV stabilizer so prints are built to last in harsh environments
Excellent performance for greases, lubricants, certain solvents and oils
The resistance to abrasion is very high and the elongation at break is only 250%

Material composition eliminates printing problems
Excellent filament tolerances guarantee accurate prints
The hardness of SHORE 95A and the black carbon charge allow for large print volume


The matte black surface finish has a very qualitative and premium look
The material is very pleasant and dry to the touch
Obviously, conductive capabilities adds new dimensions to the equation
You do not need conduction? Conductivity is a plus but know that this filament will give you very good resistance and will facilitate your 3D printing

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