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Z-HIPS NOIR ( Black ) - 1,75mm - 800gr, Filament, ZORTRAX

Z-HIPS NOIR ( Black ) - 1,75mm - 800gr

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Filament Z-HIPS 1.75 mm
The coil is delivered in an individual protective cardboard, under vacuum with dry pellets.

The Z-HIPS filament, high impact resistant, has very good processing properties such as painting, gluing, sanding and sanding.

ABS is an economical thermoplastic polymer for basic applications.Good for printing conceptual models and models for display, it can also be used without everyday products(remote controls, LEGOS etc ...).The use of ABS requires systematically to have a heating plate to limit the effects of the withdrawal, the main defect of this material.

In addition, Z-HIPS is compatible with most printers with a hot plate.

Warning :
ABS contains Styrene, which is emitted when particles are melted
may be dangerous for people with respiratory problems and whose effects on humans are poorly known. As a precaution,
we advise you to prefer careened and filtered printers to print in ABS, in empty spaces dedicated or spacious and ventilated if you are there. Otherwise, prefer the use of the PLA filament, which today
presents no known danger to humans.


extruder260 to 275 °
Plateau 130° C


Filament diameter 1,75mm
1Kg coil weight
HIPS filament material

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