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Filament Python Flex FormFutura 500g CLAIR (CLEAR) 1.75mm

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Python Flex ™ by FormFutura

Python Flex is a filament inthermoplastic polyurethaneflexible(TPU) high-performance, designed for high-speed printing on direct drive extruders or bowden extruders.

Python Flex is a filamentflexibleextremely easy to print that can be printed directly on a glass plate without having to use the heated bed.
Python Flex has a Shore hardness of
98Aand has great elastic properties, which allows it to be stretched up to450%before breaking.

Python Flex isextremely transparentin its formnaturaland has aexcellentoil resistance, tofats, toMicroorganismsandabrasion.

Unique characteristics

Perfect combination of strength, flexibility and elasticity
Designed for printing athigh speed
Flexible filament that can be printed at speeds>80 mm / s
Heat resistant up to138 ° C
Waterproof printing possible with only simple wall prints
Printing without warping and no deformation after cooling
Improved flow behavior and inter-layer adhesion
Good first coat adhesion on multiple (un) heated surfaces.


Extruder 220-250 ° C Tray 0 -60 ° C


diameter 1.75mm Weight 500g filaments Python Flex material

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